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For many, 2022 was a year for experimentation.  For us, it was a year to remain disciplined in our strategy: building Category Leaders in enterprise software.  Our team of 130+ employees returned to the office five days a week, sharpening our focus and strengthening our culture of passion, persistence, humility and excellence.  We positioned our portfolio companies to be market consolidators in an unpredictable environment, adding 7 new platforms and completing 24 transformative acquisitions.  As we enter 2023 with ample dry powder to deploy across the enterprise software landscape, we look forward to building more category-leading software businesses that are transforming industries.

At K1, we know how we will succeed.  One office.  One team.  One strategy.


Recognized by Knight Foundation as a top minority-owned asset manager

Featured in HarbourVest's diverse-led managers spotlight

Welcomed three more female CEOs to the portfolio, for a total of six

Three liquidity events in 2022

Returned to K1 office five days a week

Named to Inc. Top Founder-Friendly Investors for 3rd year in a row


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Acquired by Crownpeak
Acquired by TokenEx
Acquired by Cyara
Acquired by Lumistry
Acquired by Smarsh
Acquired by Gravyty
Acquired by Gravyty
Acquired by Crownpeak
Acquired by Skuid
Acquired by RFPIO
Acquired by Employ
Acquired by Eltropy
Acquired by Eltropy
Acquired by Granicus
Acquired by HR Acuity
Acquired by Planview
Acquired by Reveal
Acquired by Trackforce Valiant
Acquired by AppLearn


Smarsh acquired the Digital Safe product line from Micro Focus (LSE: MCRO) in February, strengthening the company’s category-leading position in communications compliance.  The acquisition of Digital Safe brings more capabilities to the Smarsh portfolio, enabling the company to provide the scale, flexibility, and support infrastructure to solve the sophisticated archiving, compliance, and e-discovery needs of the largest regulated multi-national companies. Read More

Employ acquired Lever in August, creating the category leader in recruiting and talent acquisition software.  With the acquisition of Lever, Employ offers the industry’s most comprehensive suite of solutions and meets the needs of organizations of any size, enabling customers that are growing beyond SMB and moving to the mid-market and further into enterprise. Read More

Crownpeak acquired Attraqt (LSE: ATQT) in December, creating a category leader in digital experience platform (DXP).  Following Crownpeak’s acquisition of ilumino in October, the acquisition of Attraqt continues the company’s commitment to bring more robust and relevant digital experiences for its customers and their end consumers.   Attraqt’s AI-driven omnichannel ecommerce software will broaden Crownpeak’s DXP offerings. Read More

Trackforce Valiant acquired TrackTik in June, creating the category leader in security guard management & operations software.  TrackTik’s out-of-the box solution combined with Trackforce Valiant’s focus on features and customization creates a single, best-in-class suite of solutions.  The addition of TrackTik enables the company to provide a wide range of technology options that are purpose-built for the unique needs of physical security operations. Read More


Ocelot is a leading higher education student communication platform, serving 8 million students at nearly 500 institutions.  The Ocelot platform combines two-way texting for student outreach, AI + live chat for student support, and an unrivaled knowledge base of content – including thousands of video explainers and text Q&As.  By using Ocelot, colleges and universities can reach every student, answer every question, and ensure students and families can be guided through all aspects of the student lifecycle.
Cyara is the world’s leading Automated CX Assurance Platform provider, helping leading brands deliver better CX with less effort, cost, time, and risk.  Cyara supports the entire CX software development lifecycle, from design to functional and regression testing, load testing, and production monitoring – ensuring enterprises can build flawless customer journeys across voice and digital channels while reducing the risk of customer-facing defects.
Caju is a leading flexible benefits management platform that consolidates all corporate benefits into one Visa card.  Brazilian labor law requires employers to provide monthly benefits to employees.  Caju’s card encompasses several different benefit categories such as meal, groceries, culture and transportation, and can be used anywhere Visa cards are accepted.  Thousands of companies and hundreds of thousands of people currently use Caju’s solutions.
Murj is a digital healthcare company that provides cloud-based software applications to empower clinicians to manage cardiac device patients with next-generation clinical insight and unparalleled efficiency.  The Murj cardiac device workflow experience lowers care costs and improves the quality and quantity of patient care, staff satisfaction, and care provider economics. has developed a next-gen enterprise search engine based on artificial intelligence (“AI”), which equips employees and customers with quick, accurate answers to questions and intelligent free text search into relevant documents and images within the company.  Today, customers across numerous countries and languages have accelerated their digitalization, employee efficiency, and customer experience with
RentRedi is an all-inclusive landlord-tenant app that helps landlords go mobile and manage rentals from wherever, whenever.  Through the platform and app, landlords can automate manual tasks such as rent collection, market new rentals, receive and manage maintenance requests, and more.  For tenants, RentRedi makes it easy to apply for a property, pay rent and report property issues.  RentRedi is transforming the way people experience and view the real estate and property industry.
Hiver is the leading Gmail-based customer service solution that enables teams across the organization to collaborate on shared inboxes.  It’s the most frictionless, natural way for teams to handle customer communication working seamlessly within Gmail.  It helps teams collaborate more efficiently and make sure all queries are answered on time by the right people resulting in higher customer satisfaction and improved business outcomes.

Congratulations to the 24 K1 companies that made the list

K1 Operations
Value Add

K1 Accelerate

Launched K1 Accelerate to help develop our portfolio companies’ pipelines via K1’s network of enterprise executives

Facilitated 150+ high-impact connections with C-level enterprise executives

Hosted 8 networking events

Generated over $200m+ in bookings


Hosted 1100+ attendees across 6 functionally focused K1 Summits

Featured Powerful Keynotes, including Ginny Clarke, Duncan Wardle, Steve Cadigan, Jessica O. Matthews & more

Celebrated 79 graduates from K1’s Advanced Management Program, for a total of 340 grads since inception, developing future leaders within the portfolio


Grew our in-house team to 15 recruiters

Placed 76 C-Suite and Board Members across the portfolio, including execs from Adobe, American Express, Cornerstone OnDemand, DocuSign, Intuit, SAP & more

Placed 178 other executive hires, including 40 Director and VP-level roles


“K1 helped us complete two strategic acquisitions and unify our GTM strategy across multiple products, more than doubling our revenue in less than 24 months.”
- Ricky Sevta, simPRO CRO

“We’ve kept 22% more customers thanks to K1’s team: we understand our users better and can map their needs to our products, which uncovered expansion opportunities for 2023.”
- Viyas Sundaram, GoCanvas CEO


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of energy at the K1 office
generated from solar
0 %
of employees
drive electric vehicles
trees planted to offset 240 metric tons of carbon per year
metric tons of carbon offset by sponsoring wind and biogas projects
students mentored through partnership with Girls Who Code
0 %
of 2022 hires were minorities
0 %
of 2022 hires were women
0 %
of 2022 hires were first-generation college students

Provided federal election day off to support democracy & encouraged portfolio to do the same

Renewed our commitment to A Day for Democracy and Civic Alliance to promote safe & transparent elections


K1 continues to support and give back to our community.  We are proud to support the following charitable and nonprofit organizations:

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